June 11, 2013

Fat History Month & My Dad splt 7” pre-order / My Dad Stream on The A/V Club.

We are co-releasing a split 7” record featuring Boston’s Fat History Month and Chicago’s My Dad. This record is being split released with Ranch Records and Exploding in Sound. The vinyl is due out August 6th but for now you can check out a stream of the My Dad track “Tom Waits For No Man” on The A/V Club.

"Multi-instrumentalist Dave Collis’ résumé is vast, spanning numerous genres and scenes. My Dad, which started ostensibly as a solo project with the release of its debut album Stunts, has fluctuated in size and scope since its debut, yet it’s always retaining Collis’ signature. Having played all the instruments on Stunts, Collis assembled a live band featuring two drummers playing in tight syncopation, and occasionally bringing in a third for a tightly-wound, cacophonous attack.

In the waking hours of New Year’s Day 2013, My Dad released a two-song digital covers EP, paying tribute to two of Chicago’s most eccentrically interesting artists, Wesley Willis and Joan Of Arc. These covers synthesize My Dad‘s approach to its base parts as it mixes off-kilter tendencies with undeniable melodies. On August 6 My Dad will be releasing a split with Boston’s Fat History Month, with three labels (Broken World Media, Exploding In Sound, and Ranch Records) working together for its release. We’ve got an exclusive stream of the My Dad track “Tom Waits For No Man” below, with digital and physical pre-orders live on Bandcamp. For the song’s recording Collis enlisted Bobby Markos (Native, Cloakroom) to contribute bass and keyboards, and although Collis still serves as the chief songwriter and musician, the creative leap between Stunts and “Tom Waits…” only further proves that My Dad is one of Chicago’s best kept secrets.”


Stream “Tom Waits for No Man” on The A/V Club:

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